LNG stations

    Design, construction and reconstruction of automobile gas-filling stations (LNG station) is executed by our company. Such stations provide reception, storage, the account and priming of cars which use the liquefied hydrocarbonic gas. As fuel the compound propane-butane technical is applied. As placement of containers with the liquefied gas distinguish gas stations with elevated, underground layout of tanks and ridging (elevated layout with ridging by an earth shaft). ​ SCADA 


Construction of  LPG station is executed in several stages:

  • Land management and all-construction works, including the subsequent device concrete and concrete goods of constructions, outside and internal communications, engineering networks.

  • Delivery and installation of capacities for storage of the liquefied gas according to the project.

  • Mounting of devices and grounding systems, installation of support of lighting.

  • Mounting of technological pipelines.

  • Construction of a metalwork on an object.

  • Mounting of the nitric unit, technology equipment and other constructions.

  • Other construction and installation works.

  • Balancing and commissioning

  • Training of a staff. ​