CNG stations 

    Since 2016, the activities of TAPC group LLP are aimed to the active development of the market of gas motor fuel by projects implementation on construction, major repair and reconstruction of the CNG station. 

       Wherein that in the conditions of today's Kazakhstan bureaucracy there is a row of organizational problems in coordination and receiving permissions in different services, construction of the CNG station - commercially interesting project having a row of advantages both to owners of business and for customers of CNG:

  • high profitability and fast payback of the CNG station in case of normal loading;

  • abbreviation of costs of motor fuel;

  • increase in resources of engines of automatic telephone exchange;

  • receiving privileges in case of re-equipment of automatic telephone exchange for gas;

  • abbreviation of the overall level of inflation;

  • abbreviation of ecological damage

CNG Station

      The purpose of our company is increase in efficiency of construction and operation of the CNG station.  we are ready to work with non-  standard tasks of the individual construction project.


  We carry out:


  • Coordination of Architectural and Planning Assignment, design and                                                                                                                 estimate documentation, TU, PZVOS;

  • Design of the CNG station;

  • Construction of  CNG station on a turnkey basis;

  • Supply of equipment for the CNG station;

  • Equipment the CNG station by equipment;

  • Balancing and commissioning on the CNG station;

  • Staff training.